Kellie M. Bos

CPA / Partner

Kellie has 19 years of public accounting experience. She came to AHP in 2009 when AHP merged with the Midland firm, Burnside & Lang PC. Kellie provides audit and tax services to a variety of business and individual clients in AHP’s Midland office, focusing on construction companies and not-for-profit organizations. She has significant experience in responding to various IRS notices and in working with state and local tax authorities. Kellie is the firm’s executive in charge of marketing.


Professional History

Kellie joined Burnside & Lang in 2001, bringing two years of experience in the areas of audit and tax. When the two firms merged, she came to AHP as a senior manager. Kellie was promoted to partner in 2015.



Kellie is a graduate of Ferris State University with a Bachelor of Science degree in accounting.

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